Instructor: Wil Peterson

Wil founded The Southern California Wire Art Association back in

1998. His primary goal was to network with other like-minded

wire jewelry artist for the sole purpose of advancing the art form

through workshops and classes.

He is an Award Winning Artist that has showcased his jewelry

designs at some of the top art shows in California like Brentwood

Art & Fine Craft Show, Studio City Art Festival, Arrowhead Art &

Wine Festival, Big Bear Art Show, Woodland Hills Art & Craft

Festival, etc. 

Wil has taught over 20,000 students to date and many of his students

have went on to become Award Winning Artist & Instructors. He

teaches intermediate & advanced techniques to his beginning

students so they have a good foundation for growth. This creates

a passion for learning that advances the student at an accelerated


Wil Peterson

1332 Morning View Drive #79

Escondido, CA 92026

(760) 294-9771

(760) 708-2725 cell